Canada’s Ultra-Low Fare Airline


Overview: Jetlines plans to be the first true ULCC operating in Canada. Jetlines plans to build strong primary and secondary routes by operating scheduled point-to-point all jet air service with primary bases at the Vancouver International Airport ("YVR") and Southern Ontario (Hamilton International Airport (“YHM”), and/or Region of Waterloo International Airport (YKF)), with a secondary base at the Winnipeg International Airport (“YWG”). Jetlines plans to operate flights throughout Canada, the United States, Mexico and the Caribbean, starting with six Boeing 737 aircraft in the first year of operation and expanding to 40 aircraft over the first eight years of operations.

Our Business Structure: Jetlines is a federally incorporated company subject to the Canada Business Corporations Act, listed on the TSX Venture Exchange (“TSXV”), ticker symbol “JET”. It intends to operate as a licensed Canadian airline. Its capital structure has been formed in order to comply with Canadian airline licensing requirements and provides for common voting shares to be held by Canadians, and variable common voting shares to be held by foreigners.

Ownership Exemption: Foreign On December 2, 2016 the Federal Government provided Jetlines an exemption from the current foreign ownership rules. The Exemption Order was granted for a five-year term ending on December 1, 2021 and will permit Jetlines, through its operating subsidiary, to conduct domestic air services once it satisfies all the remaining licensing requirements. The Exemption Order was issued subject to certain conditions, including:

at all times, at least 51% of the voting interest of Jetlines must be owned by Canadians;

no single foreign investor or its affiliates can own more than a 25% voting interest in Jetlines;

no non-Canadian air carrier or its affiliates can own more than a 25% voting interest in Jetlines; and

at all times Jetlines must be controlled in fact by Canadians.

At the end of the term of the Exemption Order, Jetlines must conform to the legislative requirements on foreign ownership that are in place at such time.

Our Business: Jetlines intends to offer Point-to-Point, discounted airfare to Canadians, using an all jet fleet and following the proven Ultra Low Cost Carrier model employed by global airlines such as easyJet, Ryanair, Spirit, Allegiant, and Air Asia.

Our Branding Philosophy: “Affordable Airfares with a Passion for Service”

Our Motto: “Flying Your Way”, provides the opportunity for customers to add their own value to a flight.

Our Target Customer: An airline for people who wish to save money when travelling by air. By offering no frills low base fares, and providing customers the ability to choose which additional options to pay for, they will be able to control their travel budget like never before. Our passengers want low base fares, convenience, great service, safety, and value options, all in one package, and something that does not presently exist in the Canadian market. Many of our customers cannot afford to fly with the two dominant Canadian airlines, and other speciality airlines in Canada are limited by existing high costs and are not flying to the extent they would prefer. By applying the ULCC model, not only will more Canadians fly more often, but a ‘new’ market of Canadian travelers will be created, comprised of persons who:

are not presently flying from Canadian airports due to high airfares;

are not flying because of the lack of jet service from Canada's secondary airports/local airports;

are using American ULCC airlines flying from airports located in border towns near the Canada-United States border; or

are not flying to domestic or trans-border destinations because the service is not currently offered, or is offered via multiple stops and connections (which is unappealing for travellers).

Our Values:

Safety - safety is paramount at Jetlines, and underscores all plans of operations;

Our Customer - maximizing our guest’s value proposition by providing the lowest possible pricing, excellent passenger comfort and convenience, and the highest level of customer service available;

Our People – hand-picked, professionally trained and customer-centric, delivering great customer experiences, building brand awareness and loyalty, and most importantly, earning repeat business; and

Innovation - using innovation and technology to continuously drive customer satisfaction and corporate profitability while reducing and controlling costs.

Our Customer Service Value Proposition:

A high-touch customer-centric service level both in-flight and on-ground, a result of our focus on cabin attendant recruitment, training, management support and individual ‘empowerment’;

Culturally diversified staff, including cabin attendants;

Value added ‘up-sales’ and ancillary products that are made simple, clear and reasonable;

A seamless and continuous in-flight service responding to customer wants and needs, with a range of ‘route specific’ products and services, true to the philosophy that ‘one size does not fit all’;

An addition commission-based pay structure for all cabin attendants for on-board sales;

A high cabin attendant presence in the cabin during the flight with increased accessibility for the passengers; and

A goal to provide a simple and friendly customer experience